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Gareth Digby
Posted 5 months ago
Community Organization and Impact in Online Games
Building on your comment regarding "web-based instructional technology for blended learning" and Socrates Window: Being able to bring real life experiences into the classroom is important in showing the students how the techniques and procedures they are being taught can actually be implemented. The ability to _Leverage The Long Tail_ (as in Web 2.0) to reach those outside experts who can bring niche experiences to a teaching environment is very powerful. It seems counter intuitive as most of the time we see The Long Tail being used to push a product from a single location out to those niche consumers, where as here we are using the Web to reach niche producers in order to bring their experiences into a _single location_ - the classroom. (Of course, the classroom itself can be online reaching out to niche consumers of education.) These techniques allow the community to change from a simple one-to-many (teacher-to-students) relationship to a many-to-many relationship (mentors/teacher-to-students).