Jeff Beyer

English Insructor, Translator, Berlin Business English Web Portal
Berlin, Germany

About Jeff


I'm a 34 year-old Ohio native living in Berlin. As I am a language enthusiast, I can bore the hell out of most people within milliseconds. To my professional credit I have a BA in German language and literature from the University of Cincinnati, an AA in Graphic Communications from Cincinnati State, as well as a CELTA for teaching English as a foreign language from the Berlin School of English. I've been working as a freelance English teacher and translator for three years and I hope to one day live somewhere with a balcony AND sunlight.


English, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

German Language, German Culture, English teaching, English Literature and Language

I'm passionate about

Languages, Linguistics, Religion and Mythology, Literature, History, Living Sustainably, Technolgy, Communicating, Writing, Fitness, Freestyle Dancing

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