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Phong (Peter) Nguyen is the Marketing Director at ProWeb365, a Web Design Company. Phong came from an entrepreneurial family which naturally helped him develop a passion for business. This led him to start 3 business ventures in college and a few more after that. Phong graduated from Saint Olaf College, majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Business Management. During college, Phong learned a valuable piece of business advice: "If you want to become successful in business, don't just go for the money, try to solve the pains or problems people are suffering from. If you solve those problems, you will become successful." Phong keeps this advice close to heart, and when the economy crashed in 2008, he focused on finding ways to help small/medium-sized businesses improve their sales at a minimum cost.

Seeing a promising future in the digital age of web-based marketing, which would allow businesses to promote themselves for significantly less money, Phong created an online directory website, where merchants could contact him to list their businesses on the site for a small fee. Phong even went to local businesses and photographed their stores/offices to post on the website. Phong also made money from this business by selling his discount cards.

From there Phong learned more about internet marketing and went on to establish ProWeb365, a web design company with the mission to solve business' internet marketing struggles at a low cost.

Phong loves to read about online and offline business marketing. He will soon graduate with an MBA degree from the University of Saint Thomas. He writes articles on business development, management, and internet marketing in today's rapidly changing environment.


English, Vietnamese

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Logo Design/Branding, Online Advertising/Marketing, Web Design / Web Development, Web / App Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

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Business Development and Marketing.

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web design, web development, online marketing

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