About Christian


I am a writer and experimental filmmaker, born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts. I live part of the year in Yerevan, Armenia and maintain a blog about my experiences there, Notes From Hairenik, on which I discuss personal, social and occasionally political issues along with intricate descriptions of daily life in Armenia. I have also been contributing to the Armenian Weekly since 1994. I have written a novel, several short stories and a screenplay. My short film, Carriage of Dreams, debuted at the Third Annual AFFMA Film Festival held in September 2000 in Hollywood, California. In September 2013 I presented a talk at TEDxYerevan called "Never Letting Life Go," during which I discussed how I overcame my own struggle with mental illness and epilepsy. You can watch it here: http://youtu.be/-q21hZ0eqMg

My TED story

We all experience some form of pain in our lives, whether physical, mental or emotional. The challenges are refusing to give up and never letting life slip away, despite the merciless, personal suffering that no one else can fully understand. After the root cause has been determined and treatment begins, you can move on by reconciling with the pain, embracing it, and coming to terms with the ailments or tragedy associated with it. Recovery is also about breaking down barriers caused by stigmas and misconceptions of illness. My talk titled "Never Letting Life Go," which was given at TEDxYerevan in 2013, expands on these points with a personal story of survival and persistence, and tries to enunciate why you should never stop living and loving life. Watch the talk here: http://youtu.be/-q21hZ0eqMg