Michael Pritchard

Chairman, LIFESAVER systems
Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

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TEDGlobal 2013, TEDGlobal 2011, TEDGlobal 2009

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Inventing - driven by things that generally annoy me or make me mad.

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Inventing - Water, Aerosols, Humanatarian work

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Inventing other things..............

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It is all summed up here. My TED story has changed my life. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/michael_pritchard_invents_a_water_filter.html

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Michael Pritchard
Posted over 2 years ago
Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Hi Julie. Value as in you spend X you get Y. Spend $70 in administration and overheads and get $500 in return or spend $70,000 and get $70,000,000 in return. The poor are not concerned with who makes money out of them. When the poor spend their hard earned $'s they are looking for the best value and know it when they see it. They would get the value in this model in a trice. My company makes profit from the poor. The only reason we can do this is that they see value for money in our products in an instant, if they didn't we would not be able to make make a return.