Ólafur Hlynsson

Student, Reykjavik University
Reykjavik, Iceland

About Ólafur


I'm born and raised in Reykjavík - Iceland. My educational background is quite diverse, ranging from carpentry to various engineering fields and now I'm finishing my undergraduate studies in software engineering - my only formal degree so far.

I like to make things, and in order to make things I have to know how the things I'm working with function - both externally and internally. This lead me from building small outhouses when I was young to analogue/digital circuits, to formal axiomatic systems (small scale).

Now I'm just generally interested in modelling things in such a way that they work!

I'm a fan of LePUS!


English, Icelandic

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering, Psychology and Social Behavior

I'm passionate about

How things work.

Talk to me about

Something that makes sense.

People don't know I'm good at

Ice skating.

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