Tom Reynolds

Architectural Designer, Tom
London Uk, United Kingdom

About Tom


BA, DipArch(UCL), MArch(UCL)

Tom Reynolds is an architectural designer and artist.

He studied at the Bartlett, University College London (2008-2010) and Manchester School of Architecture (2004-2007). He is currently working for Pollard Thomas Edwards, on several innovative Co-housing projects across London.

He has exhibited extensively in London, most notably in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012 and The Future Past, exhibition held at the Vyner Street Gallery, December 2011 and as part of the Dainow and Dainow gallery. His work has featured in group exhibitions in the US, Europe and Asia. Most recently in the Spring Exhibition, held at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.

His work investigates a hybrid architecture, excavated from a critical analysis of the past, present and future. Exploring the space between ruin and construction; his work aims to re-imagine architecture as civilisation; as record, communication and political organisation.

He is currently living and working in London.

Areas of Expertise

Architecture, Art and Design

An idea worth spreading

Architecture in Ruin; Architecture in an Uncertain World.

I'm passionate about

Architecture and thought and how these two mediums influence the way we live our lives and the way we consider the world we belong to. In its past, present and future.

My TED story

Just beginning... though influenced by an increasing interest on TED in the subject of architecture.

Comments & conversations

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Tom Reynolds
Posted 4 months ago
Is science the basis of art, society and faith?
Ultimately both art and science, are forms of articulating thoughts or behaviours- a means of exploring the world around us. As life, both are empirical studies. To say one is the basis of the other is equally to suggest thought precedes imagination and culture prefaces art. Artifice appears out of experience like observation may derive from abstraction. Both hang together and ultimately have the same ambition, to make us see things we had not seen before.