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Manuel Romana
Posted over 1 year ago
How best might educators and business leaders work together to help students become clear, effective communicators?
I try to tell my students to have a checklist: 1) Content: have SOMETHING OF INTEREST to tell (at least to you) 2) A tale or plot: how will you tell this story 3) Know your length: how long will your story go 4) Channel: what to use to make the message more attractive (it should be interesting if you are up to this point) 5) Produce: build a text, presentation 6) Rehearse, try and improve 7) Summarize: Leave a short coherent message 8) PLEASE PLEASE STOP AT ANY POINT IF YOU LACK A MESSAGE, COURAGE OR CAPACITY TO WORK AT THIS TIME And it works fairly well (I teach engineering) Great initiative, learnt a lot!