Muhammad Amiruddin Mohd Karim

Media Producer/Director, Ilham Syntax
Kuala Lumpur / Johor Bahru, Malaysia

About Muhammad Amiruddin


English, Indonesian, Malay

Areas of Expertise

Media & Creativity, Communciations/Media, Creative and technical writing, Content creation and strategy, Copy Writing, Video + Film, Event and TV production, Creative & Innovation Strategies, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Entrepeneurship Development and Enablement

I'm passionate about

The dynamic interaction between people using all forms of communication medium and how this process influences our thoughts and behavior.

Talk to me about

Innovative ideas that could make the world a more sensible and well-balanced place to live in. Ideas practiced in the ancient times that need to be reintroduced and brought back into human culture.

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Comments & conversations

Muhammad Amiruddin Mohd Karim
Posted over 3 years ago
Elif Shafak: The politics of fiction
This talk is inspiring in her own way. From what I can understand, it's just her point of view based on whatever knowledge she have and life experiences. It does not make her right. It does not make her wrong. It is just her honest opinion and expressions. What would be interesting is for us to understand her journey that got her to such conclusion.
Muhammad Amiruddin Mohd Karim
Posted over 3 years ago
Born of Fire
Here in Malaysia, TV ads has been in line with the idea of 'ads worth spreading' for quite some time. here's a few of such TV ad 1. 2.