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Garrison Hack
Posted 5 months ago
MPH student and over 50! I need to use social media and feed readers to build a virtual community and get policymakers to read about them.
Hi Gary, Thanks for the positive input. I have been using Facebook for years, but it has always been for personal use only. For one project (Driving while texting) my classmate and I did create a page that asked that others like it. The organization that I am currently following, C.A.T.S., does have a web presence on Facebook. Currently it is pushing the run that it is having in April. I have looked for the Center for Healthier Communities (CHC) but could find nothing on Facebook. I also want to desperately distance myself from rock artists or websites that are posted in Arabic. These are distractions that divert from the validity of the cause (IMHO) Garrison Hack