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With it’s magnificent long white sandy beaches, most half deserted, Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s most elegant islands. This photographers dream combines pristine rain forests and a plethora of wildlife, with gorgeous white sands and tranquil clear blue seas. Thus making this beautiful island one of Thailand’s most desired locations. Koh Chang is the biggest island in the Mu Ko Chang Archipelago.

If you need to book your accommodation while you stay on the island or for any other destination across south east asia then look no further than this website. Our built in booking system offers up to 70% discount off Koh Chang Hotels, resorts and Guest Houses across Thailand and South East Asia. With thousands of rooms to choose from covering all budgets of accommodation, there will be something available for eveyone. Such is the quality and variety of accommodation on offer on the island the difficult part is deciding where to stay.
One thing that the beautiful islands of Thailand are guaranteed to offer are world class beaches. The west coast of Koh Chang island makes for a beach lovers dream with the entire coast line drenched in magnificent stretches of soft white sand and warm clear waters. Beach goers take to the shores in there masses during the high season enjoying the tropical climates on offer. There are so many great beaches to choose from on this Idyllic island, with most popular being Koh Chang's White Sands Beach, Klong Prao Beach and Lonely Beach, all are not packed with tourists so you can relax by a different beach each day

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Thailand’s transport system is improving on a daily basis. Which means traveling to Koh Chang will be a comfortable experience whether it’s by land or Air. The choice of Mini Van, bus or taxi makes accessing the island by land very smooth. The nearby Trat airport connects you with most destinations in Thailand and parts of South east asia. It’s close proximity to the Cambodian border means access from Thailand’s nearby neighbour is very easy.
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Koh Chang has lot's of activities and things to do during your holiday, such as Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Fishing, Elephant Trekking, Jungle Trekking to name just a few. The under water beauty that surrounds the island provides the perfect playground for Scuba diving. Home to some of the worlds most beautiful coral reefs and marine life, divers flock to the waters in there masses to discover the magnificent underwater ecosystem. Scuba diving is not the only thing to keep you entertained. The ever growing amount of top resorts offer the perfect retreat to unwind and relax whilst experiencing one of there therapeutic treatments. Our section on "Things to do" on the island gives you a wide and varied selection of all activities available to you meaning there will never be a dull moment during your visit.