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Suma Vasanth
Posted over 1 year ago
Make public speaking a part of our school curriculum from kindergarten onward.
Working with children, I have seen two distinct advantages of introducing them to public speaking at early years. 1. Increased confidence and decreased stage fright. A child who developed low self esteem due to being labelled as a slow learner, a child who had inhibitions talking in front of a whole class, started to become smarter and more vocal after a series of public speaking, theatre, role play sessions. This in turn helped them better in their studies and also in their relationships with family and friends. This new found confidence also helped them perform better in their extra curricular activities in school. 2. Public speaking sessions also helped children in better problem understanding and thus better articulation of the solution. These sessions indirectly helped the children to make better decisions, voice opinions and manage conflicts at home and at school.