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Dan C
Posted over 1 year ago
Community Organization and Impact in Online Games
" What is it about the particular games you all play that drew you together and sustained the relationships for so long?" I like some of the guys here found this sense of community they speak of also with the Socom Navy Seals franchise. The Socom community was a lot more tight knit then you see in the typical juggernaut online games like COD. While we always liked to fashion ourselves as this special community other games didn't have I think the game itself is what fostered that kind of community more then the people. The games nowadays seem more geared towards personal rewards and accomplishments. Instead of playing with the team they are paying attention to what they need to do to get this virtual trophy or to unlock this item or gun. That winds up taking priority over the objective they are supposed to complete. The games nowadays have respawn so being social and forming strategies isn't as important when you have unlimited lives to compensate for mistakes or "lone wolfing it" without your team. Games nowadays use the quick match system instead of the traditional lobbies so you don't go back to the same rooms and run into all the regulars from that room to form those close relationships. Socom had lobbies, friends and clans would all know exactly where to be to meet up each day. The objectives required team work if you wanted to be successful. You had one life per round so if you died you would chat amongst the other dead to form a gameplay or counter strategy for the next round. Or you might spend that time getting to know people on a more personal level. Since respawn is non stop action and less team oriented there's little incentive for people in those games to even be social with others in the game. I really think a large part of what makes a very tight social community is a game design that fosters that kind of environment. I mean if you had matchmaking and respawn only in Socom I don't think the community aspect we know of now ever would have happened.