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Phil R.
Posted over 2 years ago
Patricia Ryan: Don't insist on English!
The essentiality of diversity and number of languages do not render the same essentiality of diverseness of life to the health of the whole of Earth's ecosystem. However, from a pragmatic point of view in human sciences, the importance of many languages equate to the same importance of biodiversity to the human understanding of many (but doesn't mean ALL) mechanisms of life. Number and variety of linguistic systems, if we consider languages as neurological-psychological products, would produce higher probabilities of further understanding how culture and history develop (and dissipate) and how the brain functions. Whilst viewing that not all languages feature the same structure and that there are among the most obscure languages that profess equally-bizarre linguistic systems, we could have a more comprehensive look at the extent of how the human brain in general works. It does not only help us know our own species much better but would also yield tantamount information onto how we could optimize brain functions such as memorization and recognizing patterns. Related discoveries on languages could also bring newer technological innovations in transferring information and perception of concrete and abstract concepts.