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Posted 7 months ago
Community Organization and Impact in Online Games
As a lifelong gamer, it is refreshing to see an interest from the scientific community on this subject. Rather than write a long-winded opinion with my first post, I would rather just list some events I have witnessed over the years within the SOCOM franchise. -Two clanmates who played together nightly for years, married each other and are happily together to this day. -Thousands of clanmates purchased consoles, games, and accessories for less privileged teammates to keep them a part of the team. -Most longtime clans have been together for 5-10 years and talk on the phone between gaming. Countless stories have been shared of meetups in real-life, and people becoming real-life friends. In my case, I met a friend from this game who lived in the same city. Along with some other friends we met in-game, we started the largest community fansite for the gaming franchise that is still thriving today. -I made a real life friend from the game. Watched him marry and serve a year long tour in Iraq. He came home to a discharge, a divorce, and no place to live. He lived on my couch for several months until he could get back on his feet. -I was a clan leader of 100+ gamers that contained several high school and college students who I watched graduate, earn degrees, marry, and eventually have children over a period of seven years. I knew the names of their parents, wives, husbands, and kids who even chatted into the headsets at times. I was there to counsel them with advice as a friend. I was there to threaten to kick them off the team if they didn't logout and goto class or work. I was there to take their mind off the death of a loved one if they needed it. Some of us spent thousands of hours each on these games, and we were "on the phone" with headsets with the same 8-100 people. I learned that my time spent with specific online games was just an extension of real life like my cell phone. Except we were doing something really fun together as a team while we talked.