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English, French, Romanian

Areas of Expertise

Computer programming, Complexity Theory / Science, Astrophysics, Earth Science, Paleoclimatology, astronomy education

An idea worth spreading

Asimov's "Psychohistory" for real predictions

The science that Asimov described in his cycle "The Foundation" called Psychohistory used mathematical models for predicting the possible paths of evolution for humanity in general - from an economic, social and political point of view. It allowed choosing a future path that had less suffering, fewer conflicts, fewer economical and other crises, etc.

While this idea could seem far fetched, we currently have the supercomputers needed for such modeling. Although various models are already being used in economics, and probably less in social sciences, more extensive and general models should be constructed that would allow predicting communities’ or corporations' decisions on a national & global level. Predictions that would allow, for example, tracking the possible ways that our “sustainable” development will actually take place and observe the parameters that could realistically be influenced in order to choose a less painful future.

I'm passionate about

Complexity Science, Memes
Mathematics & algorithms
out-of-the-box ideas
Earth - a Superorganism, Humanity - a Supermind
Cosmology, Astrophysics
Neural Nets & Conciousness
Nature, Spirituality

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Complexity Science, Memes,
Earth as a Superorganism, Humanity as a Supermind in it's embryo phase,
anything related to Cosmology, Astrophysics;
Neural Nets & conciousness