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Scott Hill
Posted 7 months ago
Can small towns learn how to be more efficient from larger cities?
It's an interesting point you bring up. I'm not sure if I'm deviating a bit much here, but in terms of 'less manpower and more efficiency', I'm not sure that I agree with you. Certainly, in the private sector such as farming and production robotic processes and post industrial thinking are what will help to keep up with the curve of population growth. In the case of the municipality, however, I more see those roles, not as ones that have to filled and, therefore, labourers must be employed, but more that people need employment and the jobs are created in order to fill that need. I'm in the position of having recently started two businesses, one in agriculture and one in film. Although there are many labour and cost cutting techniques which have been recommended which would greatly increase my profit margins at this point, I have chosen to rather employ people full time, even at this early stage, in order to spread that profit on to others who need it. In the meantime skills and initiative are also being learned and will go on to help those individuals in their future indeavours.