Eva Tanczos

Budapest, Hungary

About Eva


English, German, Hungarian

Areas of Expertise

Creativity, Creativity and Innovation, development and growth, Coaching and Counselling

An idea worth spreading

Change happens from the inside out. We are all responsible for the world around us. So why not make it better?

I'm passionate about

And what Mark Twain urged us to do:
” Travel.

Talk to me about

Ideas. Thoughts. Passion-sparks...

People don't know I'm good at

...whistling extra super loudly – fab tool on concerts! :)

My TED story

I travelled abound a bit. Not that much, but I have lived in the States and in the UK for a while, trying to figure out my life and what its purpose is. I was seeking and searching, as every one of us does. I started over with every move. Then I have learnt. I have learnt that whatever we do, whatever we have, it does not make any sense if we are alone. If we can share what we do and have and are THEN we are living. If we cannot, then we are just the shadow of our own lives, a senseless protagonist of a play directed and illustrated by an invisible hand...

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