Psychology Student, Epidemiology Student
Dunedin, New Zealand



Current student at Otago University, New Zealand in the fields of Psychology and Public Health. Studying towards a PGDipCIPs in 2016.

Areas of Expertise

psychology, Epidemiology / Public Health, psychology - clinical

An idea worth spreading

What is the true underlying characteristics behind stigma and discrimination? - Is it fear of others, or fear within ourselves?

I'm passionate about

Assessment of abnormality in behaviour (especially in the area of anxiety disorders), holistic perspectives in healthcare.

Talk to me about

Psychology, Clinical Psychology - Anxiety, personality disorders, OCD, LGBT issues, Health epidemiology

My TED story

Though we may not struggle in the same contexts - we all struggle with the same concepts - fear of the unknown, fear of being shamed, fear of being defective. Fear and shame can trigger many behavior patterns - whether it is avoidance, self scrutiny, withdrawal. Some of these we do in relation to ourselves - or as a defensive act towards others. In my life, this would be in terms of struggling with an anxiety disorder and accepting myself as a gay woman. Fear was in the driver's seat - but it wasn't until I understood how fear and shame within me manifested was I able to understand others' defensive acts around sensitive issues, especially in terms of topics I am passionate about - mental health and LGBT. I believe education, promotion and research are crucial to tackling and understanding some of those strong negative emotions.

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