Johanna Isaksson

Trollhã¤Ttan, Sweden

About Johanna


Hello Everyone! I'm a 15 years old girl from the cold Sweden. I'm a horselover and a girl with big dreams. I discoverd TED at a homework I was doing a few months ago and I totally loved it. My english isn't the best but I can atleast make myself understood. And thats by the way I'm using TED more and more, it is just because to learn more english trough listing and readning. Awsome, Right?! Any Way, I love to listing and to learn from the big and famous people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I find it very inspriering.

I'm passionate about

talks about Edicaution, social life and how to be sucessfull in life. But on my freetime off school I'm almost always out in the stabels at my beloved horses :)

Talk to me about

Edicaution, social life and how to be sucsessful!

People don't know I'm good at

painting. I totally love to make art. But it is even more funny to not tell anyone that I'm doing such a wierd hobby according to my friends.