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I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur, I was very fortunate to find a few mentors early on in my entrepreneurship career. Working with them and learning from them and emulating them has been an incredible experience!

Nearly 6 years ago I went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Let me make one thing clear - Mormon's are Christians (it says so right in the name of the church). I believe in Christ and Love him. God is Good!

I'm not married, so I don't have any family life to tell you about except that my parents are incredibly good people. I've always admired them and they've saved my life.

If you're still reading this, let me congratulate you. Congratulations!

My grandfather gave me some advice as I was leaving high school. He told me to get as much education as I can in the areas that interest me most. Thus ensued a two year mission in the service of God learning his Plan of Salvation and Gospel in some depth.

Upon completion of my mission I enrolled in the local community college and continued to follow my grandfather's advice. I quickly found however that not only did I find several unrelated courses intensely interesting but nearly all whetted my appetite for further light and truth.

After completing my generals and still having no determinative factor for choosing one course of study over another I continued to take classes at random not working towards any particular degree. After another year of this however I decided the battle was too much - I could no longer continue my education and stay out of debt at the same time. After spending two semesters at the University of Utah working two jobs combined with my scholastic duties was too great a toll on my physical health and my bank account.

I subsequently determined that I would not be able to do all the things I'd like to with my life, or spend the time learning about what I'd like if my time is encumbered upon by the continual chore of the acquisition of pennies. Becoming financially independent was the next quest and goal I assigned to myself.

I considered two strategies to this end. First, acquiring so much money so quickly that by investing it wisely my lifestyle and hobbies could be sustained by the interest. I investigated some avenues to this effect but was dissatisfied with the results of my study.

The second strategy was this, namely, to create a machine capable of doing my work for me. Not long after I resolved to carry out action on this strategy I was introduced to Bryan Robert (the mentor I made reference to in the second paragraph of this volume). He introduced me to the way he had created a massive passive income at such an early age nearly 18 years prior to our meeting.

I decided to partner with the man and take his word as financial gospel if and until I am able to discern better. Working with him and his team has been an incredible journey and a plentiful one, though it is years from being over. I have appropriate goals.

One other antidote I'd like to include in this, my bio is the occasion of my interest into philosophy.

I took a philosophy class headed by a classical theist professor. You may well know that the classical theist philosophy is the general theology of the Catholic church and has subsequently dictated much of the doctrine of its many daughters: the Protestant churches.

You may also know that the basics of the classical theist philosophy and many of its conclusions are in direct opposition to the doctrines of the LDS faith (as the former are philosophies of men mingled with scripture and the latter revealed doctrines by the literal voice of God and his prophets).

Needless to say my philosophy teacher and I enjoyed some high-spirited debates on nearly every topic he presented and professed to be versed in (though his only understanding on each topic was unbalanced, being entirely scholastic and no more than man's arguments on the topics; the crucial knowledge of God's revealed religion was absent from his understanding and discussion in nearly every case).

This stirred up an incredible desire to create a case for truly revealed religion worthy of being presented to the philosopher and layman alike. I immediately embarked on my newly self-appointed crusade and using the knowledge acquired in my life previous to my mission and the knowledge acquired on my mission, combined with the knowledge of classical theism as presented to me by my proficient professor I created in three months the object of my design. It can be downloaded free of charge at

I urge all who have an innate desire for truth to read it's words. I'm straight to the point and very informative.



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Network Marketing, Mormonism

An idea worth spreading

"Man lives in a world of darkness and confusion.
No one knows the truth,
Yet all have some conclusion."

People think Religion and Science clash but on the most important questions concerning our existence they agree perfectly. They agree that Man was created either by some unknown Deity or some unknown process of nature. The answer is the same.

"And the two world theories
Really one and the same.
That man has no dignity
And should have no shame.
That he has no freedom
Not even in trivial things.
This universe is just math
And that God has no heart strings."

Science says nature is God, and Religion says God is unknowable. Sounds like the same doctrine to me.

"They come to the selfsame ending:
That God is dead and man's death, pending."

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Personal Development and The Truth.


University of Utah

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Network Marketing, God, Politics, Emerging Technologies, Business ideas and every other idea you find remarkable.

People don't know I'm good at

Theology. People generally don't wanna talk about theology.

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Jordan Miller
Posted almost 3 years ago
Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs?
Do not be afraid of the robots "taking" jobs, think of it as robots giving us our lives without our jobs! As an economy grows more time is freed up for more people to do more creative and enjoyable things with their time.
Jordan Miller
Posted over 3 years ago
Are there any merits to the idea that Communism is "feminine"?
Oh please. Capitalism is a profit and loss system, you are right about that but the losses are feedback. If you are losing money in capitalism change what you are doing. Communism is not a system in which everyone wins its a system in which everyone loses. Competition is what gives us efficiency and a continually increasing standard of living making everyone a winner.
Jordan Miller
Posted over 3 years ago
Are there any merits to the idea that Communism is "feminine"?
Communism is not a sport. We are discussing economics, business. He who thinks the only way to win in economics is to make someone else loose is not someone I want to do business with. You say men are more competitive than women and you site sports as evidence. Sports are one realm of life. I'm sure we could find another realm where women are just as competitive. Perhaps I'm wrong but I have a hunch we are both generally equal in attributes but different in expression. But my main point was not about men vs women, that was just a side note. I mean to bring to light the fact that the argument is fallacious because that statement shows a lack of understanding about the economy.
Jordan Miller
Posted over 3 years ago
Are there any merits to the idea that Communism is "feminine"?
"men mostly want to watch people get defeated, in a manner where there is a clear victor." = sexist. I think an argument like that shows that the arguer has no understanding of economics. Entrepreneurs (even men entrepreneurs) understand that the economy is not a zero sum game, if we play by the rules of free trade then everyone is better off. Win-Win's are the norm. So, no the argument is fallacious, most men want to win, but they want others to win too.
Jordan Miller
Posted over 3 years ago
Should we provide wages to students to attend high school?
sure they apply to teens. Teenagers want Autonomy over their time, they do want to master what they love and they feel a sense of value when they do something important. I think their current predicament is being stuck in a system (school) that doesn't allow them access to any of those. They feel bored, useless and probably a little like cattle.