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Aarhus, Denmark

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Mia Lykke Lind Olsen
Posted over 1 year ago
How exactly does language and political rhetoric affect the communication that exists between and within governments and their societies?
In Denmark You can look into the case of DONG Energy. It's about the sale of a company shared by citizens and state in which 19 per cent of the company was sold to an american investment bank although we (Danes) handed in more than 200.000 signatures against it. Denmark is a frontfigure in the development of windmill (green) energy. And the state sold their shares, not to the highest offer, but to Goldman-Sachs instead of better offers from Danish interests. It is sad that the people's voice is not even considered in a case like this. There is much sense in selling shares, but not to a speculant. We are a democratic society in which the voice only counts when its election day.... Not a rare example but what can we do?