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Jay Gransky
Posted over 1 year ago
Community Organization and Impact in Online Games
Being a gamer for my entire life has helped me with issues and problems i have ran into through out my life. Let me tell you my story! I grew up in Tampa FL, with my two lovely parents. My mother always told me that i was going to be something great, Well teacher all through school didn't think that. Most teachers thought i was going to end up in jail with most of the kids i hung out with. this all started around 6th grade. After awhile i started to thinking the same way! I got into a lot of trouble through out middle school. after 8th grade summer i was going to become a freshmen in high school ! i was so pumped to get away from all those kids i hated and teachers. I was going to start a new life! But the thing was, the school i went to was right in the middle of the ghetto! So i started hanging with the wrong people. My freshmen year was tearable, I got into a lot fights and i didn't care what teachers said to me or thought about i just didn't care ! I ended getting kicked out of school and sent to another high school. now this school was all rich kids, so seeing all these kids pulling up in BMWs was kinda like a smack in the face. i ended getting kicked out of that school 6 months later. Now going into my sophomore year i went to a little HS kinda like a private school. the summer after my 9th grade year i didn't get into ANY trouble at all ! and the reason was, my Dad bought me a PlayStation and Socom ! i fell in love with online gaming. i played for a few months before i met THE DIVISION IGR. When i met them, they took me in as a brother! Even if i was a knuckle head, i guess they saw something in me , besides being a complete animal at Socom! I was 15 years when i join them ! I'm now 21 ! and i am proud to say that my community has taught me more then i have every learned all through out school! i'm now a SGT in DIVISION IGR and a Student at a night working to go to a College for Graphic Design! I don't know where i would be without them! Sgt.Shamrock