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Dustin Cartwright
Posted over 1 year ago
Stopping junk mail
Junk mail seems to be very prominent. I often wonder how often I would have to check my mail box if I didn't have to clean it out every other day. With technology being so popular these days why haven't the ad companies given at least an option for paperless, or even better a way to opt out? I would have to imagine within the next 10 years this will be 'fixed'. Like Keith said, the USPS is in real threat of going out of business. They have signed several deals with UPS and Fedex allowing them to do last leg deliveries to residential areas. I suppose its only a matter of time until they shut down and let the commercial sector take over. Another thing that might help with the unnecessary paper in our mailboxes is the increase in 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. This is forcing companies to use 'green' methods to operating a business in order to increase their corporate image.