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Sheyenne, ND, United States

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Moved from Hawaii to pursue my passion of Aquaponics in a location more like real circumstances.(like freezing and droughts) Anyone can be successful doing aquaponics in a tropical location

An idea worth spreading

Study Aquaponics and apply that knowledge to food and water SECURITY

Build a Solar Collector and move into it. (Similar to a Biosphere)

I'm passionate about

Adapting to climate change.
The most important thing humans can do

Teaching our kids to be self-directed towards their passions in life

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Natural Farming
Solutions for adaptation to climate changes
Renewable Energy
Our Kids

People don't know I'm good at

Installing 10kw Bergy Wind Generators
Raising rabbits commercially
Potato Farming

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John Pinckley
Posted over 1 year ago
The Brain in a Jar Theory is not True
I believe our Brains to be much more complicated than we are aware of. Scientists have measured the electrical activity in our heads at an average of 400 BILLION bits per second... But can only identify 2000 of those... What's really going on in there? There's a lot more to figure out; and or become aware of... Like our abilities with adrenaline, memories,dreams... Our connections with reality, ourselves, each other... I believe we ALL are connected with what has been called THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS . And that we have all lost most of our abilities to tap into that resource. Some more than others... Here's a thought... The two scientists that were awarded the Nobel prize for the DNA helix and associated discoveries both stated the thought process that led to the actual shape of the helix came to both of them in Dreams... The same exact image in two dreams with two people... Go figure... If DREAMERS can win the Nobel Prize; what's holding you back?