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Toronto/hamilton, Canada

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Freelance filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada.

Currently engaged in the production of various television series for whomever I happen to be working with on any given day, week or month and am a hands-on techie grunt in the media trenches on about 20-30 productions across the media spectrum in any given year.

An idea worth spreading

We need to bury the hand that feeds me -- traditional broadcast media and its top-down, high jolt per minute commercial content model. There are new ways to structure our televisual media experiences that have yet to be tried. TED is on the right track with their content....

I'm passionate about

Finding ways to enable change in the world -- and working feverishly to find ways to do it on the web when I'm not parenting, working for other people or daydreaming....


queens univeristy

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Freelance documentary field production. See my work at (I hate this web site) I created the video content as an experiment only.

People don't know I'm good at

Content creation; The broadcast 'brain trust' is caught up in a dead game; The web is where its at;

My TED story

TED is at the cutting edge of defining new models of video content delivery that is not based on a 'high jolts-per-minute' broadcast model which excites me as a documentary filmmaker and content producer. I advocate a 'healing media' approach. Talk to me more about this if you want as it's too much to get into in this bio.

I'm currently working with local NGOs and non-profits to upload 'broadcast-styled' content.

There are exciting new paradigms of content portals to explore on the web that broadcast would never allow in their tight format restrictions.

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steve mcnamee
Posted over 3 years ago
Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?
Hi Anita, It is sad that we live in a world that is increasingly measuring success by the amount of pay that one takes home and is most obscenely played out in the bloated CEO salaries that are eclipsing previous records on Wall Street and elsewhere. The frightening downward spiral of the American middle and working class has accelerated to the point that the everyday people who make our society work and prosper - teachers, factory workers, fire fighters, etc - are being vilified as the reason that the economy is in trouble when it is the rampant greed of the top 1% who are to blame for the system-wide meltdown we are being told we are on the cusp of every day. The psychological impact and unconscious message that is being sent is that we are worth nothing more than the bonus we take home and that our CEOs are valued hundreds, even thousands of times more than the average worker. The underclass of unemployed, seniors, whomever, have no value and are 'leeches' on the economy. I shake my head when I listen to this rhetoric spouted daily as 'fact' on cable news networks and by conservative politicians who serve their corporate benefactors. What has happened to democracy in the west, especially American democracy, is sickening. I believe that no one, be they Hollywood actor, CEO or star athlete, is worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation while teachers are losing their collective bargaining rights and having their modest salaries rolled back. Is this the great decline of the west and a return to something dark and repulsive, in the vein of the Czars? Some days it sure seems that way but we are all frogs in the proverbial pan of water and day in and day out it is hard to see the larger picture when the average person is two paychecks from living on the street -- and many families already are, thanks to the mortgage meltdown. We need to start valuing our fellow citizens in ways other than what they drive or how many square feet they inhabit.