Steve Taillon

Hampton, NH, United States

About Steve


I live in Hampton, NH with my Wife Kimberly. Hampton is a Summer time vacation hot spot. We buy and fix up older homes . We are currently rehabbing an 1860 Colonial. I have a small Frame to Finish business. I specialize in Quality Fine Finish on both commercial and residential properties. I love my job and specifically love the tools I use and collect. I am always finding different ways to perform tasks with tools that where not necessarily made for the task at hand. I use technology to enhance my life in many ways . I have just recently started fixing computers , laptops , and phones. I love to brainstorm and invent. I am a member of the Microsoft community Support forum . I like collaborating with software programmers, hardware techs, engineers, architects, and designers. I love Ted Talks and believe knowledge is the only way to a better life and world. My favorite thing to do is Surf and have been to the North Shore of Oahu and surfed some very large swells. I am a thrill seeker.

An idea worth spreading

Lead by example. Follow when it feels right .Sometimes the best answer is I DON'T KNOW. Its OK to not know the answer to a question. Listen to people hear what they are saying. Take time for your family and those closest to you.

I'm passionate about

My Wife , My daughters , My Family ,Tools , Green Energy , A Greener Environment , Technology , and finding alternative ways to accomplish every day tasks. And of coarse Surfing

Talk to me about

Alternative ways to run power tools . I would like to someday be able to run a table saw or skill saw without the use of fossil fuels. Batteries are great but they need to be charged

People don't know I'm good at

Finding answers to problems. It could be anything .A broken laptop or why someone is depressed. I love the search for why and how can it be fixed.

Favorite talks