Jamara London Wakefield

Organizer TedxRoxburyWomen, The New School
Boston, MA, United States

About Jamara London


Jamara London Wakefield also known as London Bridgez is a Boston-born writer, social entrepreneur, and a student of creative writing. London's live performance poetry is rooted in spoken word with a Neo-Soul infused hip-hop sound. Her spoken word performances are often accompanied by a live band and bridge the worlds of spoken word, literature, hip hop and
live music. London is currently touring 2 solo theater plays titled "1974" re telling the story of the Boston Public School bussing desegregation and "Will My Thighs Rub In Heaven" a memoir. She is an expert in performance studies, literature, cupcakes and all things equality. She is an artist, community organizer and friend of all those who have the courage to dream.

Areas of Expertise

Perfoming Arts/Dance, Community & Public Art, social innovation design, Research - Arts/Culture/Education

An idea worth spreading

*4 day work week
- higher ed tenure based on the expansive learning experience they provide to their students

I'm passionate about

Art, Activism

Talk to me about

books, restaurants, candy corn, organic food, NPR, DIY everything, cupcakes

People don't know I'm good at

html& calculus

My TED story

I cant remember how I first made a connection with TED. I do know it was an organic find for me because I have always been a visionary, thinker, dreamer of all things big and small.

Favorite talks