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Peter Haas is the founder of AIDG, a small business development and training organization that helped over 200,000 people get access to solar lights, hydroelectric systems, sanitary services and prefab housing. He is executive director of Ethoco, a new NGO dedicated to getting people out of substandard housing. He has been an Echoing Green fellow and a TED senior fellow. His work has been featured in NPR, Fast Company, Forbes and other media outlets. He spent 3 years working in Haiti as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative Haiti Action Network training over 4,000 masons in earthquake resistant construction. He has been a judge for EPA P3, Echoing Green, Guateverde and other business plan competitions. Prior to AIDG Peter vacillated between working in information technology and being a ranch hand. He has a BA from Yale University.

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Executive Director, AIDG Principal, Fifty Frogs

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Small and medium enterprise incubator in Haiti and Guatemala

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TED, Clinton Global Initiative, Echoing Green Fellows, DC401 (hackers), AS220 (hackspace), TEDxProvidence

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Jan. 06, 2004 - Present

Small and medium enterprise incubator in Haiti and Guatemala

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Time for change in Haiti: TED Senior fellow Peter Haas responds

January 13, 2012

On the TED Fellows Blog today, TED Senior Fellow Peter Haas writes this powerful essay, considering the two-year anniversary of the deadly Haiti earthquake. The National Palace is still in ruins 2 years on. Photo Credit: Cat Laine – http://www.paintedfoot.com Today is the two-year anniversary of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and I wanted to […]

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