About Luis


With a degree in International Studies, I've often found myself drawn to the obscurely ordered (some people might use the word 'gnarly'). I value abstract thinking, as it enables one to imagine reality in a different way and fuels creativity, coming up with inventing explanations and solutions for various phenomenons can offer one a glimpse into the structure of reality.


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

research & analysis, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs

An idea worth spreading

In 2008 I went to Cuba on a work-related trip. I managed to take a day off on the trip to get to know a bit of Havana, and found myself at the city's cemetery. The tomb of one of the first defence ministries has a window at only about a meter from the ground. Someone explained to me that the window was placed at that low height so that anyone who wanted to see the inside of the tomb would have to kneel in front of it. It ocurred to me that very few people have that kind of power today anymore. Nowadays the studies that get recognition are those carried on by groups of people, and the biggest agents of change are collectives, instead of individuals. Education is a great tool for instilling the need to cooperate in order to achieve our goals and generate positive change, and each one of us has the obligation to share and multiply our knowledge, and combat idiocy at all its levels.

I'm passionate about

Computers, science, history, and politics. I believe that educating people on the need to cooperate in pursuing collective goals is of fundamental importance for the advancement of society.

Talk to me about

Anything that's on your mind, and you think could be worth discussing and sharing.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing and dancing X-D