Marcos Beraldo

System Engineer, CEF
Juiz De Fora, Brazil

About Marcos


Although I am graduated in Economics, I work as a System Engineer for a federal savings bank,. The turning point of my career occured when I got a postgrad degree in Information Technology. Back to school again, I am an english learner preparing for Proficiency Exam at Cambridge University. I was born on March, 1st, 1964, I am married to a beautiful lady and we have two wonderful kids.



Areas of Expertise

IT, scuba diving, Photography, Economics, Gastronomy

An idea worth spreading

... an idea that we can help the world to be a better place to live spreading ideas of a better world, and making sure they will reach the right ears.

I'm passionate about

... science, history of science, astronomy, music, food, travel.

My TED story

I've been supporting TED for some years, and the translations project represents a straightening in relations since we don't have oportunities to attend the talks. I consider the project a great way of showing the world the ideas of brilliant minds in a light mood.

Favorite talks