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I am 18 years old and in the meantime I study on high school in Prague, Czech republic.


Czech, English

An idea worth spreading

Basic income guarantee – I think that in last few centuries (and especially last couple of decades) we as a mankind have made living so much easier for regular people. It is, of course, nearly all due to science. We've automated so many processes, we've regulated a lot of diseases (though some new have come to the surface – but, we're working on that too), we've... I guess you can think of a lot of other things yourself. We don't need everyone to work anymore. Looking at modern capitalism (especially in the USA), I think it doesn't really work. Rich become richer, poor poorer – it's time for a change. I think now is the time we should start to think about basic income guarantee, which would allow every person – working or not – to live a normal life. This may sound like utopia, but I think it could work. I believe a lot of people don't work only for money, but for the feeling of contributing to the society.

I'm passionate about

science (mainly biology and physics, but I love it all), Wikipedia, the Internet, education, reading, basketball

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everything interesting

My TED story

I started to watch TED talks in 2008 when I was 14 years old and since then I watch them every day.

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Comments & conversations

Adam Zábranský
Posted about 4 years ago
Paul Bloom: The origins of pleasure
Oh, Paul Bloom! Amazing talk of course, and if you're interested in psychology (in general), here's link to Paul Bloom's course. I watched it and it's great too. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A08EB4EEFF3E91F
Adam Zábranský
Posted almost 5 years ago
Juan Enriquez: The next species of human
This made me think a lot (I'm talking about that scientific part). I think he's right and we'll eventually start to extensively improve our bodies with science. Though I think it will be hard for a lot of people to accept it, this really seems like the way we're heading.