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Licensed to practice in Connecticut and New York, I have been practicing employment law exclusively for over 20 years.I am also an arbitrator and mediator of workplace disputes.My goal is to find creative solutions for small and medium size businesses, as well as individual employees, to manage and minimize their legal exposure in the employment areas of hiring, retention, termination and HR implementation and practice..

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Conflict resolution, creative literature, poetry, history, philosophy, art, music.

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Vlad Spitzer
Posted over 1 year ago
What are some tips about dealing with life after college?
If college was a journey of the mind, begin a journey of the heart. Find a path in life you really love and don't settle for anything less. If what you learned leaves you with unanswered questions take the time to find those answers. Conversely if you think you already found the answers to the most pressing questions in your life, question those answers until you're absolutely sure you're right. This may take time but now is the time to do it. Take risks in your endeavors if you must because now is the time to do that. Don't live day to day, live goal to goal that you set for yourself but at the same time live happily and learn from your mistakes. Look and find people to surround yourself with that give your life meaning and with whom you can open your heart and your mind and realize the value of influence. Give the world a chance to change you for the better before you try to change it. Love technology, learn it, use it, but love people more. Last but not least, live for the mind and the heart and not the pocket and you will become the richest of men