Chartsiri R

Master Student in Marketing
Bangkok, Thailand

About Chartsiri


I am a computer science (International Programme) graduate from Thailand, and I am currently studying for master of science in Marketing at the University of Strathclyde. I really look forward to synergise Marketing and Computer Science to venture in this exciting digital age.


English, Thai

Areas of Expertise

Mind mapping, Idea generating and Brainstorming, Visualisation, Metaphors & metaphorical thinking, playing video games

An idea worth spreading

"Always think small to explain big things, and always think big to explain small thing." by Chartsiri Michael R..

I'm passionate about

Infographic, Neuromarketing, Viral marketing, Visual metaphors, Guerilla advertisement, Marketing


KMITL of Thailand

Talk to me about

Mind Mapping, Visualisation, Infographics, Video game

People don't know I'm good at

Understanding the overall picture of almost everything (except chemistry and accounting).

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Chartsiri R
Posted 7 months ago
Art and Context: Can art be found everywhere?
In my opinion, Art is everywhere. It depends on individual's point of view, but for me, art has only two categories which are man-made or by nature. Art become beautiful because it communicates the intention and motivation of its creators, but nature cannot speak verbally, so aesthetically beautiful objects which people have encountered in lives might be unnoticed or profoundly conceptualised. Art is art because art is made, refine to finesse, but it is not necessarily created by something people know. Just take your time and enjoy everything you perceive. :) Anyhow, I apologise for not using any quote. XD