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S Broggi
Posted over 1 year ago
How can we as citizens be empowered to reduce traffic and pollution in our densest cities? What’s one thing you would do to create change?
I think "empowerment" is the wrong question. We all do cost/benefit analyses for things like this, whether we realize it or not. We have to change the costs, which will allow us to change the benefits. First, we have to make driving less convenient and more expensive, and use those benefits to subsidize NMT or public transport. So, in some places, simply close roads to autos, or only allow emergency vehicles, or permit deliveries at certain hours. Next, charge more for vehicle registration (and seize vehicles that are driven but not registered) with surcharges for gasoline versus electric engines, possibly surcharges for additional household vehicles. Add on a substantial gas tax ($2-5) and most of us will choose to not drive any time we have the option. Any income can subsidize public transport - safer bus stops, extended hours, more destinations, as well as safer options for bike lanes and walkers, such as barriers and street lights. We would all benefit from less pollution. We also benefit because with less auto traffic and more foot traffic, cars will have greater awareness of pedestrians, so hopefully fewer accidents will occur. We can change the paradigm, the question is, are we willing to?