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Toni Hughes
Posted over 1 year ago
Does anyone else with a mental illness find it offensive when other people use "crazy" or "insane" as an adjective?
Even with my own mental health issues, I still use the words "crazy" and "insane". Never seriously, but talking about topics in jest. I laugh when someone does the same. With the "exciting", as I will call it for lack of a better word, life I've had, I've learned that many people just do not understand where they have not been. Some will display empathy even when they cannot comprehend. Some will try to provide simple solutions to complex issues that they don't understand. Some understand too well and will match what they see. In the end, I try to remember that every one in life has their own struggles and issues. Everyone has a label. When someone says something that is wrong or offensive, I just take it as a measure of unknowing, rather than a judgment on who they are or how they perceive me. Sometimes, there is a reason to educate them. Sometimes, it is better left alone. In a way, I am grateful when someone does not understand, because in reality, would I want my struggles for someone else?