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Beirut, Lebanon

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Graduated as an aelectrical engineer from American University of Beirut. I finished my graduate masters studies in Engineering management from AUB. I currently work as an electrical designer for different types of firms. I am interested in history, space and philosophy. I have many different hobies and charity activities, main of which is to work at Saint Joud children cancer cancer. I enjoy listing to others and tries as possible to help them. thanks.


Arabic, English

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Electrical , Electrical construction

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many things but nothing specific... good to learn new thing and become good with them :D

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the "why" asnwer is always interepretted in different ways from different people. how can one provide the exact answer for the the why question knowing that one can not be in the shoes of the question provider. ?

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ahmad najdi
Posted over 1 year ago
Do you think you have done something in your life to improve this world? If so. Could you explain?
Esteban I do agree that every one leaves his own chance in this world, even at a very tight level; but not everyone do make a difference.. and that what i am pointing at... and from what i got from you is that you took the ability of chance and combined it with chance by saying the moment is now a history; i can not hide that this is a possible but it has a very low low probability of happening... and no one can know when it happens . For you point of view you want the all external effect and the best environment to be found at the same time and most probable may not happen.. thus to make a difference once must have the idea strategy and plan to work on and be able to express it to show is power and ability of moving to the better way of life.. thus the moment by moment thing is to work on plan and creats the best environment to succeed with that.
ahmad najdi
Posted over 1 year ago
Are the Youth of today Writing the Future?
Now adays, belive me that the youth has no rule in the future, cuz those who came before are directing the youth the way they want it... they are making the youth future as their future... it will always be like that... the youth will maintain the future of the old... and so on..
ahmad najdi
Posted over 1 year ago
Will science ever tell us everything there is to know?
hey... nothing is called everyhting.. because after everything there is also a new thing to come... knowing everything is not possible... science by itself is a still a thing from the everything you are seeking for. you wish that we could reach to such thing but it is not possible... as long as their is life on earth u will be subjected to new thing everyday.. Also imagine you nothing new to discover, many firms will close, many will be without jobs and thus mess will be spread... to a point that one will not be able to live!!! law rules etc exists because man kind creates them to control.. imagine youself living in an open community where no rules or laws are found... the community will kil itself by itself... thus these rules came to create limits and boundaries for living...