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Henning von Hoersten
Posted 5 months ago
Make public speaking a part of our school curriculum from kindergarten onward.
It would make such a difference, if a culture is established in which you learn at an early age not to be afraid to voice your ideas / thoughts and that your ideas / thoughts are respected as well as that you will be respected for sharing your ideas and thoughts. I fully agreed with your suggestion. I have seen it with my own kids, who were in Kindergarden and school in Australia where speaking in front of the class, at school assemblies and during other public / scholl events such as school plays is part of th normal school curriculum. My kids are now less afraid of speaking in front of their class or in public. If you look at meetings in which Australians participate - most of the time they don't mind to speak in front of the group or present - and school curriculum may play a role in it ?