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Since 1990, I've maintained management level marketing of Wild Sanctuary, strengthening the firm’s brand identity, furthering strategic partnerships and establishing environmentally-sound business practices, and directing on-going media relations.

During that time I envisioned and developed strategic proposals for The Center for Soundscape Study, The Global Soundscape Project, Quiet Down America, The WildStore, Arctic Live, and other branded entities and launched The Arctic Soundscape Project (Phase I completed), sending our team to the Arctic Refuge to complete the first-ever, comprehensive bio-acoustic baseline study of 3 pristine locations.

Current new-media efforts include on-going social networking, web development, public/publishing/media relations, In-World outreach (The Wild Sanctuary 2L FieldStation in Second Life (MUVLE)), increased on-line presence (web-site, The Soundscape Support Team Network, The WildBlog and The WildStore), interactive scholastic development partnerships (The Center for Dynamic Learning: Senior Project, The Murie Center), and conducting Wild Sanctuary’s on-going business relations, audio delivery and field-research project coordination, public speaking engagement management; business/creative/academic collaboration facilitation, commercial commission production/management, and other project-related and non-profit outreach efforts.

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2013

An idea worth spreading

Ed Abbey said, 'I stand for - what I stand on'. By personal experience I have learned how fragile, how miraculous, and how astonishing the wild world of nature can be. Without the resonant song of the creatures of the natural world connecting us to the lands we live on, we humans become something different, and somehow less, than the 'earthlings' we yet claim to be. The active stance of 'standing for - what we are standing upon' has never been more important. If it is true that 'wilderness is the only thing left worth saving', as I sometimes suspect it is, then it's important to help keep people around the world connected to a mindful and sustainable earth - a sensibility that must transcend the dramatic and attractive distractions inherent in the progressions of society. A grounded mindfulness of who we are, where we are, and the limits to what our resources may truly provide and how we share them, is humanity at it's core. Technology is a grand tool-when it's put to good use.

I'm passionate about

SOUNDSCAPE - the creature chorus that bridges the gap between the natural and digital world - audio ecology that creates mindful human connection to nature within the buzz of 21st century technology.

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Soundscape ecology, wild nature, exploration, virtual reality, social networking, outdoor experience, music & nature, animals, eco-activism, art, science, technology, community, film, food, and love.

People don't know I'm good at

Creating one-of-a-kind assemblage: Vintage Paper Hats, Mysterious Optiques & Spirit Theaters for Personal & Public Exhibit from vintage, recycled, or antique materials - the Edwardian art of ephemera.

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Katherine Krause
Posted 9 months ago
Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world
So much more research needs to be done utilizing soundscape as a tool of observation. Studies related to natural disasters are a much needed part of future ecological understanding, and the work of Dr. Krause and colleagues is just the beginning. Forwarding the inquiry in many different ways is vital, and expressing interest adds to the dialogue. Thank you for your interest.