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Knowledge oriented society.
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Society without profit as its main charger.

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Practical application of scientific knowledge and methods on everyday problems, Science Fiction, Education, Military history, Strategy, Geopolitics.

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Robert Bosnjak
Posted about 4 years ago
Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world
Funny, 104 comment threads and no one has read the book Daemon or Freedom from Daniel Suarez , If anyone really did read the book they would see that the idea that has been represented in this video was already in our sci fi cyber culture. This is a good representation and surely I am for it, but the idea in Suarez 's books are much wider. So please first read the books then make your point. Actually if you google "Seth Priebatsch Daniel Suarez" you will find that some people have made connections , but i expected to find at least some in these commentaries.
Robert Bosnjak
Posted about 7 years ago
Thomas Barnett: Let's rethink America's military strategy
I think that he would be in the category of geopolitical strategysts. The problem is I do not see anyone else on the media explaining their views on daily basis. That gives him a big plus in my view. Geopolitics was always secret talk in the high hierarchies of the military and government , for the rest it is secret. He puts it clear for anyone to see and compare military and political moves of world governments with his views. I would be thrilled if there were more geopolitical strategysts that are good orators as he is and I am interested to see their views in the blogs, on the webs and know their names.