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John Lonquist
Posted over 1 year ago
Does your perception of time change as you age?
My 8th grade teacher explained the following to me: The first year of one's life is 100% of their life. The next year is 50%, the third year is 33%, ect. The diminishing returns of time perception are mathematicallyā€ˇ built in to mortal existence. Time accelerates as it progresses. The effect is sort of like spooling tape from one reel to another. The small circumference of the empty reel can only pull a short distance of tape from the full reel's large circumference. The more tape spooled increases the size of the collecting reel and decreases the size of expelling reel. Because the changing relative circumference of the reels, the distance of tape moved increases with every revolution. Remember cassette tapes? You could hear them speeding up as you fast forwarded them. The only thing that can be done about it is to seize the day, to continue learning and engage your creativity and imagination.