Corporate Trainer
Bombay, India



I have been a soldier, professor and an executive in a multinational voluntary organization at different times in my life. Currently, I am a trainer at large, if I may put it that way. I am a knowledge bug. I consider every domain of knowledge under the sun as fair game. Exploring interconnectedness of everything in the universe and seeing how various domains of knowledge tend to point to the same view of ultimate reality fascinates me.

An idea worth spreading

Sharing private property with others when one is not using it. The aim is to make the best use of available resources and ultimately conserve resources of our planet, as also, to help people break out of the dominatiing idea that each individual is more or less an island.

I'm passionate about

Reading, keeping up to date with the advances in sciences - especially nanotechnology and neurology, creativity

Talk to me about

Creativity, nanotechnology, advances in brain sciences, mysticism

Comments & conversations

Posted about 4 years ago
How do you balance going for your dreams with paying your bills...or do you just go for broke?
If I may suggest, first, reduce the number and size of your bills. Second, spend as little time on doing what pays those bills..Devote the rest of your time and energy to pursuit of your dream(s). Third, if you continue this way, you will notice that you have reached a point when your 'dream work' can pay your bills. Fourth, drop the work you were doing just to be able to pay the bills. Now, focus all your time and energy on your dream(s). Sounds simple? Well, it is simple.