Francis Redding Jr.

Henefer, UT, United States

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Areas of Expertise

Advanced Math, Anthropology,, Speed and Comprehensive Reading

An idea worth spreading

A Technology which does away with our dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. It operates 24/7 365 on its own energy and produces electrical power which can fit any power demand. Best of all it leaves, no carbon footprint which is destroying our planets atmosphere. This is a reality, and it really does the above. We'll lose quite a few jobs in the oil industry, but we'll also be creating more than we lose. This is a Global Initiative. The weather is getting worse and we have to act now. This is going to take some time to get control over our environment. I want this Humanitarian endeavor to hit the news and our politicians ears. They have preyed on us for too long. Look at the gas pumps! Obama talked about air quality yet gave approval for the new pipeline. Everywhere you look you see the ramifications of our polluted world. Contact your Congressman today and let him know that you know. This Technology was developed with over ten years of research. Thank you.