ana cañizares

managing edtor, arkinet,
Barcelona, Spain

About ana


A cross between Cuban, Spanish and Californian. Studied in London and has worked in Barcelona for the last 10 years as an architecture editor and journalist for publishers like latinta and magazines like FRAME. Especially interested in the relationship between architecture and sustainable development.

Areas of Expertise

Architecture, Design

An idea worth spreading

You must ultimately find the place where you can be most effective, and this will inevitably be in doing what you're best at. In other words, no one is 'good at' saving the world; one is good at music or painting or writing or politics or science--and any of these can put one in a position to make a contribution toward saving the world.
- Daniel Quinn

I'm passionate about

architecture, design and sustainable development

Talk to me about

design, architecture, anything that improves conditions of people and all living beings on earth. positive actions.

People don't know I'm good at

getting it.