Katie Bomi Son

Shopper Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Seoul, South Korea

About Katie Bomi


Katie Bomi Son is currently working as an enthusiastic maketer at Johnson & Johnson. She is also an optometrist, optician, writer, volunteer, traveler, blogger, active lecturer and translator of TED. She serves marketing strategy on health care products for healthier and better world. Moreover, by publishing her own book, in 2011, ‘The Greatest Selfish Global Volunteer Trips,' a book that is about the experience on traveling 25 countries and volunteering in 6 countries, she is sharing her life lessons how she learned to overcome cultural differences and further develop leadership skills with a life-long passion for philanthropy. Furthermore, she has coordinated volunteer programs through global & local communities. As she has met lots of young people and communicates with each other, she is passionate to support youth to have more information on global chances and global topics such as the Millennium Development Goals campaign, global volunteering and traveling, healthcare issues and gender equality.

A graduate of Seoul National University, Bomi holds triple bachelors in business administration, Science (Visual Optics) and English. She studied marketing and strategy and is working at Johnson & Johnson marketing team now, showing expertise by getting James E. Burke award, which is the prestigious innovative marketing excellence award. Previously, she worked with diverse companies, government and organizations such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Hyundai Motors, Samsung Life Insurance, Ted.com, International Workcamp Organization, FutureForest, Korean and other non-profit organizations. Her background includes works in marketing & strategy, international exchange, global citizenship, healthcare, youth affairs and leadership.

Katie was selected as a member of World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community (GSC) in Seoul, Korea since July 2012. She is a passionate supporter of the global healthcare and youth sides of development and believes making a better world is one of the most valuable things we can do.


English, French, Japanese, Korean

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Health Care Management