Joseph Allemandou

Research Fellow, IBM Ireland
Dublin 2, Ireland

About Joseph

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I am a French researcher in artificial intelligence, currently living in Ireland. I am very keen to share ideas, discuss on any topic, learn and understand new things ...


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Human Computer Interaction/HCI, Dialog Systems, Business intelligence, Process Improvement, Web 2.0 Innovation

An idea worth spreading

Let's talk about things. And by talking, I mean understanding each other, not trying to influence each other. Nowadays mutual creation of meaning and common grounding is not usual ... I am really convinced that the more we co-construct things we talk about the richest they get ! And of course, the better we understand each other ... So let's talk !

I'm passionate about

Comic, music, magic, and all the rest :-)

Talk to me about

I really love to collaborate with people on what matters to them. So talk to me about what you want !

People don't know I'm good at

Explaining things that are difficult to understand.

My TED story

I found TED by chance on a blog, and watched a video, just too see ... Now I am an addict :-)

Favorite talks