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Rachel iversen
Posted 6 months ago
What are some tips about dealing with life after college?
1) Brush your teeth/go to the dentist. As a college grad I had about 2yrs between dental visits due to job/location transitions and it cost me A LOT more than a 6month cleaning to get my mouth taken care of. This has been true for many people. 2) Establish a support system - family, friend, church, soccer team, whoever it is, keep up relationships with people who support you and who you can support. They will be super helpful in the first few years when your dorm mates moved into their own places 3)Take the opportunities that come to you. Your first job isn't usually your dream job but can be a stepping stone to that. You CAN Quit your job if you hate it, after 3 months, or 6 months, or 2 years, however long. Moving jobs is a part of life, don't stick to one just because you said you would when you started 4)Your education is just beginning. You'll learn so much those first few years in your job, when there's no grades and you could do C work or A work and no one will say anything. Use your job to build the skills you're new or not strong in, and advocate for yourself in areas you feel strong in. OWN YOUR SUCCESS. Every day you do something right, every day you do a good job at something, so honor that and appreciate yourself for it. 5) Live like a broke college student. Having a new income is great, but expenses come up in life, and living another year or two in a cheaper apartment or holding off on that new car, or eating out every day, will go a long way in your financial security. Shit happens - a broken car, medical expenses, family care, student loans. Saving early will get you something you want more down the road - be that a year-long world tour, a new car/home, a vacation cruise, a new tuba, a new liver. Live like a broke college student and save yourself some stress.