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Weimar, Germany

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Simon Scheithauer
Posted over 4 years ago
The west can no longer claim to be an honest broker in the search for peace in the Middle East.
Of course it appears as if freedom is seen as something something one needs to be able to 'afford' to support. In my opinion the roots lay back in the Iranian Revolution of 1979: Since then western governments feared religious fundamentalism to rise in any situation when someone claimed his/her civil rights. I am not saying this is or has ever been a adequate attitude, but it might is an explanation why western gouvernments supportet authoritarian regiems in exchange for what they understood as 'stability'. As much as all this is a reason for indignation, I do not think it is something to be indignant over now: Everyone has know it for ages. Still western gouvernments beheavoir got even more scandalous after the revolution already had started: Members of the french administration retourned from vacation just before the revolution started while the rest just waited if the tunisian and egyptian people "étant nettoyé au Karcher" (to quote Sarkozy), or if they would have to congratulate.