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Matchbook Monday
Posted about 1 year ago
Kevin Briggs: The bridge between suicide and life
Interesting talk. Wept a few times. In part, for the subject matter and the stories but also because it hits (very) close to home. I've had 11 suicide attempts, the last of which was, admittedly, some time ago now. I still think about my death, about suicide substantially more than daily. I read another comment here from someone who'd like to do it, but fears pain and death: I suppose I fall into this category. When Mr. Briggs asked the crowd (albeit rhetorically) what they'd do, or say, if someone they knew was contemplating it (suicide), I cried. I cried because I've actually taken the step/s of reaching out and my only response was abrupt dismissal. It's interesting that we encourage others to speak out, to ask for help - as difficult as it is (And I agree: it's so hard) but, when some do (me) they're dismissed, tossed aside, or treated as though toxic. Also of note that many who ponder suicide - or attempt - or succeed - at it suffer from depression or a myriad other things: But what happens to those who don't (necessarily) suffer from it but, rather, seek a way out simply because they can't afford to get better? What is one to do when the better tomorrow is wholly and completely financially unattainable? This is where I am. In need of massively extensive dental work - all of which I can't afford and my many (many) attempts, however hard for me, in reaching out to friends, to family, have resulted in my complete and total isolation. I seek to end my life not to hurt anyone but, as Mr. Briggs said, simply to end mine. Other than money, there's absolutely no way out of this and after over 10 years of the slow degradation of my mouth, my life, my health, my social life (none), my love life (none) and with not a shred of hope shining through the clouds of my decay, I've little other choice - even if emotionally, or intellectually, it would be better to live. Thanks for the talk, Mr. Briggs. Am so pleased you've so many success stories to share. ♥