Gabrielle Esterdahl

Guest Services, Hotel Management
Syracuse, NY, United States

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Hotel & Hospitality management

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Hotel Management, traveling and learning

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Anything...I absolutely love learning and listening to what pople are passionate about or want to talk about.

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Being able to tell what that something is that is bothering someone.

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Gabrielle Esterdahl
Posted over 1 year ago
What would make a wonderful sustainable tourism destination?
Charleston, South Carolina. I know it is advertised as a big tourist destination, which it is, but, there is so much more than that. There are so many hidden gems right in plain site. The local marketplace off King st. is absolutely amazing. The locals are very welcoming and happy, can't blame them, the weather and the beaches are beautiful. Also very educational, self-explanatory.
Gabrielle Esterdahl
Posted over 1 year ago
Are the Youth of today Writing the Future?
I think some are and some aren't. Now a days, socety as a whole has become extremely selfish. All most everyone worries about is What is this going to do for me? How will this affect me? I notice that kids these days just want everything, and their parents give it to them. That doesn't give me very much hope for future generatinos. But, then you have those few younger kids that actually do care. They help there classmates, volunteer and they don't beg for the most up to date devices and clothing etc. Those kids I believe are writing our future.